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Wednesday, June 19th 2024

Desert Acreage Appraisal Service

Desert Acreage Appraisal Service

Company Description:

Desert Acreage Appraisal Service is a leading provider of real estate valuations for all property types including residential, commercial, industrial, and undeveloped land. We serve both the mortgage lending marketplace, as well as individuals wishing to have property value determined for a variety of purposes. With many years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of outstanding service and fast turnaround times. We hope we can assist you with your appraisal needs now and in the future.

Contact Information:

Robert Kennerson
Desert Acreage Appraisal Service
PO Box 6376
Reno, NV 89513
Company Phone: 7758353825

License Details:

License State: NV
License #: A.0207299-CR
Expiration: 02/29/2020

2nd License State: CA
License #: AR032408
Expiration: 11/13/2019

E&O Insurance:

E&O Insurance Carrier: Lexington Insc. Co.
Coverage Limit: 1,000,000
E&O Expiration: 09/01/2018

Services Offered:


1004 Full/URAR: $CALL
1025 2-4 Family: $CALL
1092 - Broker Price Opinion: $CALL
Comparable Rent Schedule: $CALL
Condominium: $CALL
Desk Review: $CALL
Fannie 2055 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2055 Full: $CALL
Fannie 2065 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2065 Full: $CALL
Fannie 2075: $CALL
Farm: $CALL
Field Review: $CALL
Freddie 2055 Drive By: $CALL
Freddie 2055 Full: $CALL
Land: $CALL
Mobile Home: $CALL
Operating Income Statement: $CALL
REO / Foreclosure: $CALL
Update: $CALL

Payment Types Accepted:

COD Cash
COD Company Check
COD Personal Check

Counties Covered: