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Wednesday, April 24th 2024

My free listing info is wrong, how do I fix it?
Our free listing data is sourced from the FHA Roster at the HUD website. In order to change the info on our site, you must first update your roster information with HUD. Once your HUD listing is updated, our site will find the change during our next regularly scheduled update, at which time AllFHAAppraisers.com will reflect your corrected information. Members with paid listings can update their paid listing information anytime by logging in and clicking on "Manage Listings" from within the My Account area.
Why doesn't my listing show my company's fax, email, website, etc?
The free listings on our site show appraiser name, address, phone, and license information, all of which is public data. The free listings do not contain fax, email, or website information. If you would to upgrade your listing to show any or all of these data items, please consider submitting a premium listing to the directory.
How do I submit a premium listing to the directory?
The best place to start is the Compare Plans page, using the link at the upper right of this page. Here, you can see the various membership levels that are offered and what is included with each. If you have questions, feel free to contact us for assistance, using the "Contact Us" link at the upper right of all pages of AllFHAAppraisers.com.
What are the benefits of a premium listing?
In addition to allowing the display of additional contact and marketing information, premium listings allow users to easily send prospective appraisal jobs to you using our web based contact form and our appraisal order forms, which are active only in premium listings. Many appraisers cover multiple counties, and Premium listings allow you to list your company in additional coverage counties, whereas free listings are placed in the appraiser's home county only. Premium listings also allow you to write a company description, describe the services and appraisal types you offer, post a company logo or photo, and provide various additional details about yourself and your company. Finally, paid listings always display at the top of search results, above all of the unpaid listings. 
How do I know I will get any business from my paid listing?
AllFHAAppraisers.com aggressively markets our appraiser directory service to lenders, brokers, agents, and other real estate market participants nationwide. Our site traffic has grown tremendously since our initial launch, and it continues to increase each month. We are always adding new improvements to the site, which are designed to increase the ability of our site's end user (lenders, etc) to quickly and easily find an FHA approved appraiser covering and/or located in a particular area. Some features unique to our site are our appraisal order and comp check request forms, full listing statistics for members, and numerous search types including zip code radius search, browse by state & county, and keyword search. Our network of affiliated sites is growing, with each affiliate specially designed to increase traffic to AllFHAAppraisers.com, our main site. The creator of AllFHAAppraisers.com is a real estate appraiser and mortgage broker with a marketing and web development background; this combination results in our site having been created with the needs of both the appraiser and lender in mind and with real knowledge of how to effectively serve both user groups to back it up. And finally, we offer you the guarantee of at least one appraisal order or new client during your first year of having a paid listing with us, or we will renew your listing for an additional year at no charge. We are the only appraiser directory we know of that will make you this guarantee.
Is AllFHAAppraisers.com an Appraisal Management Company (AMC)? Will I get full fees for my work?
AllFHAAppraisers.com is not an AMC. We are a full featured directory of FHA approved appraisers who are active on the FHA roster. AllFHAAppraisers.com does not set appraiser prices or take a portion of any appraiser's fees. Each appraiser is free to set his or her own fees as each sees fit. AllFHAAppraisers.com does not get in the middle of any appraisal order between a directory member and an ordering lender/broker/etc, nor are users charged any "per order" fees or such. We have no interest or intent in becoming an AMC, instead preferring to focus on bringing appraisers and appraisal orderers together for the benefit of all. The only fees we charge are for paid listings submitted by our directory members. 
I am trying to submit a premium listing, but I keep getting an error message. What do I do?
If you are getting an error message while trying to submit or pay for a listing, carefully read what the message says. If you are having trouble with a discount code, carefully read the details for that discount code to ensure it is valid for the membership level you have chosen as well as the date you are submitting your listing. Sometimes, starting over to resubmit your listing may correct the problem. If you continue having trouble, please contact us for assistance using the "Contact Us" link at the upper right of all pages of AllFHAAppraisers.com. Someone from our office will email or call you back to help (please specify how you wish to be contacted). When contacting us, please include the specific error message you received so that we can quickly identify the problem. If you prefer, we can also enter your listing and payment information over the phone.
I just submitted and paid for my listing. Why doesn't it show up in the directory?
Once submitted, our staff reviews each listing for proper formatting and accuracy, and then activates the listing on the website. Most listings are activated within 2-3 hours of when they are submitted. However, please allow at least one business day for your listing to appear in the directory. If you still do not see your listing in the directory after that time, please contact us for assistance so we can check if something went wrong during the submission process.