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Saturday, February 4th 2023

East Coast Appraisals, LLC

East Coast Appraisals, LLC

Company Description:

East Coast Appraisals has been in operation for over 5 years. Our primary source of jobs has been through Washington Home Mortgage. I would LOVE to expand throughout the state of MD and VA. We have just upgraded our system to produce results within 2-4 turnaround. Please, Please add me to your list. I am not picky - I just do what is asked of me and give the quickest turn around time possibe with accuracy. I am also a member of Encompass/Ellie Mae and my record is outstanding with them. I am very reliable. I have on board with me an appraiser who does FHA. And I myself am in the middle of being certified to do FHA as well. I am quite content with the Conventionals - just trying to get on the lists has proven to be a bit harder than I anticipated. Please take a moment to review what I have supplied to you already, please, please, consider adding me to your list. I will send you a promo-pack in the mail as well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION.

Contact Information:

Kelly Bennett
East Coast Appraisals, LLC
6621 Greenhill Court
Huntingtown, MD 20639
Company Phone: (301) 943-3295
Company Fax: (301) 812-0897

License Details:

License State: Maryland
License #: 28126
Expiration: 01-03-2011

2nd License State: Virginia
License #: 4001 014188
Expiration: 03-31-2011

E&O Insurance:

E&O Insurance Carrier: State Farm Insurance
Coverage Limit: $1,000,000
E&O Expiration: 05-10-2010

Services Offered:


1004 Full/URAR: $350
1025 2-4 Family: $CALL
1092 - Broker Price Opinion: $CALL
Comparable Rent Schedule: $CALL
Condominium: $350
Desk Review: $CALL
Fannie 2055 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2055 Full: $CALL
Fannie 2065 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2065 Full: $CALL
Fannie 2075: $CALL
Farm: $CALL
Field Review: $CALL
Freddie 2055 Drive By: $CALL
Freddie 2055 Full: $CALL
Land: $CALL
Mobile Home: $350
Operating Income Statement: $CALL
REO / Foreclosure: $CALL
Update: $CALL

Payment Types Accepted:

COD Cash
COD Company Check
COD Personal Check

Counties Covered: