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Saturday, February 4th 2023

JNB Appraisal Services

JNB Appraisal Services

Company Description:

JNB Appraisals has been in business since 1993. We appraise ALL types of commercial and residential properties. We provide an array of services and typically have a turn-around time of 24 hrs after the inspection. There are times however, when a complex appraisal will take more time. If there are any delays, we communicate honestly and openly with the person in charge of the assignment. We do not carry E& O simply because it does nothing to protect the appraiser, investor, or client. E & O simply does not pay. JNB uses an arbitration clause in every report to avoid unnecessary court cost. If there is a mistake or concern with an appraisal, we work hard to arrive at a satisfactory resolution, rather than waste money and time clogging up the court system...the right way. We have never had any problems or issues with our work, period.

Contact Information:

Joseph Batrich
JNB Appraisal Services
3351 Independence Dr
Ste 201
Birmingham, AL 35209
Company Phone: (205) 870-8280
Company Phone (2nd): (205) 222-1482 (cell)
Company Fax: (205) 870-1082

License Details:

License State: Alabama
License #: G00616
Expiration: 09/30/2009

E&O Insurance:

E&O Insurance Carrier: arbitration clause
Coverage Limit: $unlimited
E&O Expiration: 2030

Services Offered:


1004 Full/URAR: $400+
1004 URAR FHA: $450+
1025 2-4 Family: $850
1092 - Broker Price Opinion: $CALL
Comparable Rent Schedule: $200
Condominium: $450+
Desk Review: $200
Fannie 2055 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2055 Full: $400+
Fannie 2065 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2065 Full: $CALL
Fannie 2075: $CALL
Farm: $CALL
Field Review: $CALL
Freddie 2055 Drive By: $CALL
Freddie 2055 Full: $450+
Land: $CALL
Mobile Home: $400+
Operating Income Statement: $250
REO / Foreclosure: $400+
Update: $CALL

Payment Types Accepted:

COD Cash
COD Company Check
COD Personal Check

Counties Covered: