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Saturday, February 4th 2023

Solid Impressions

Solid Impressions

Company Description:

We do residential appraisals for all purposes, mortagages, divorce settlement, etc. Most apprisals are delivered within 5 working days. Appointments are typically scheduled within 1 -2 days of receving the order and the report is delivered witin 1 -3 days of inspections. The key to our success has been communication and delivering quality appraisals. After inspection if there are any noted issues we inform you of our findings.

Contact Information:

Edward Davis
Solid Impressions
1577 Timber Creek Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
Company Phone: 408-937-1029
Company Fax: 408-937-7247

License Details:

License State: California
License #: AR031804
Expiration: 09/09/2011

E&O Insurance:

E&O Insurance Carrier: FRERA
Coverage Limit: $1,000,000
E&O Expiration: 05/23/2011

Services Offered:


1004 Full/URAR: $325.00
1004 URAR FHA: $425.00
1025 2-4 Family: $500.00
1092 - Broker Price Opinion: $CALL
Comparable Rent Schedule: $100
Condominium: $325
Desk Review: $150
Fannie 2055 Drive By: $225
Fannie 2055 Full: $275
Fannie 2065 Drive By: $CALL
Fannie 2065 Full: $CALL
Fannie 2075: $CALL
Farm: $N/A
Field Review: $275
Freddie 2055 Drive By: $250
Freddie 2055 Full: $275
Land: $CALL
Mobile Home: $CALL
Operating Income Statement: $50
REO / Foreclosure: $450
Update: $CALL

Payment Types Accepted:

COD Cash
COD Company Check
COD Personal Check

Counties Covered: